Dryer Vent Inspection and Cleaning Could Save Your Life!

The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 24,000 clothes dryer fires occur each year in the United States. Lint that collects in your vents is extremely combustible. Over time, your dryer vent can fill with lint that gets past the dryer's filter. As the lint builds up, this can cause over-heating - which can lead to a fire.

In addition to lint buildup, improper installation of your dryer vent system can also create a serious hazard. Such problems as improperly routed dryer vents or vents that are damaged or disconnected can cause serious problems.

Dryer lint buildup and/or improper or faulty dryer vents can lead to serious injury and thousands of dollars in property damage - all of which is easily prevented. Regular dryer vent cleaning should be done annually, depending on the use and complexity of your system.

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Benefits of Regular Dryer Vent Inspections and Cleanings

  • Fire Prevention
  • Reduced Energy Costs / Utility Bills
  • Reduced Drying Times
  • Increased Life of your Dryer and Increased Dryer Efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance calls
  • Less wear on clothes from overheating and excessive tumbling
  • Peace of Mind

The Duct Masters® Solution

Duct Masters® will clean your dryer vents and inspect your system to ensure your dryer is operating at peak capacity. Our professional technicians will inspect your system to make sure it is properly routed and that there are no damaged or disconnected vents. We also offer repair and replacement services. Our Charge for these services is surprisingly reasonable, often paying for itself in lower service and utility costs.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Using a combination of 170 pounds of compressed air and the thorough cleaning action of an agitation brush, our technicians remove the dangerous lint and other debris from your dryer venting system. Our dryer vent cleaning services will ensure that there are no obstructions caused by lint or other build-up. We also have the specialty tools needed to remove blockages such as bird nests, and the ability to pinpoint the location of problems within a wall or ceiling.

dryer vent parts used by Duct Masters

Dryer Vent Replacement / Repair Services

We will replace and/or repair your dryer vents using state-of-the-art all metal dryer venting products from Builder's Best®. Many new products are available in dryer venting, such as tight turn elbows, close clearance periscopes, and snap-lock fittings. We ensure your venting system is safe and up to today's local codes, many of which now require all metal venting for remodeling projects.

Call today for a Free Estimate and get peace of mind knowing your dryer venting system is safe!

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